Any of these sound like you?

  • ‘I am so frustrated with my drawings. Every single one turns out terrible and I don’t know why!

  • ‘I want to make art I’m proud of but I don’t know where to start!’

  • ‘I dream of waking up, walking into my own art studio, and having the freedom to create whatever I want!’


If you found yourself nodding and thinking “this is totally me” then look no further.


My name is Kirsty Partridge and since 2015 I have been teaching thousands of people like YOU how to create impressive art that people are actually excited to pay for!


Whether you dream of starting a full-on art business or just want to earn a bit of extra money from your hobby, I can help you.


I know what you’re thinking: 


“Can you really earn a full-time income from art? I don’t like my job, but at least it pays the bills!”


We have been led to believe that art is not a ‘real job,’ or that anyone that tries will end up a ‘starving artist.’ This is simply not true! I have built a 6-figure art business from scratch and I know many other artists that are also making a good living from their art.


None of us are special, if we can do it so can you!


So, what are your next steps?

  1. Step up your art skills (from unrealistic drawing to “OMG, I can’t believe that’s not a photo!”)

  2. Learn how to make your first-ever sale!

  3. Discover all of the ways to make money from your art (YES, there are more than 1!)

Don’t know where to start with any of these? No problem, that’s exactly what I am here for. Sign up to my mailing list to get started!

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I will help you create art you are proud of.