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What Type Of Artist Are You? 

Find out which artist type is your perfect match and unlock custom resources for your creative journey.



What Type Of Artist Are You?

Find out which artist type is your perfect match and unlock custom resources for your creative journey.


You don't need to be born with talent to draw.

When I first started drawing, what I pictured in my mind and what showed up on paper were worlds apart, especially with off shading and proportions that just didn't look right. Sound familiar?

✏️ Ever put in hours, only to feel like you're not getting any better?

✏️ Perhaps the fear of making mistakes holds you back, especially when unsure how to correct them.

✏️ Or could it be the overwhelming maze of what to learn next, missing that clear direction?

I've been there, spending a decade learning through countless errors. But the silver lining? I've distilled all those lessons into a more concise path. Over the past 10 years, I’ve helped over 20,000 Artists, just like you, to enhance their drawing skills without the drawn-out struggles. Let me guide you too...

Ready to transform your drawings? 

Coloured Pencil Academy

The most comprehensive online coloured pencil course that will teach you how to master drawing with coloured pencils.

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Drawing Decoded

Ultimate drawing course for beginners designed to teach you the crucial fundamentals needed for realistic pencil drawing.

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What my students say...

My drawing has improved 100%!

"When she says “take your drawings to the next level” she means NEXT LEVEL! I understand the basics so well now."

- Georgia M

This was the BEST drawing course I've taken!

"It completely beat my expectations. I am now armed with so many skills to make my drawings more realistic."

- Tiffany B

More valuable than my Art Degree!

"I wish I had courses like this when I attended University, I would have been so much more confident as an artist and saved a ton of money."

- Natasha B

Immediate Improvement

"Kirsty’s gifted ability to teach others how to quickly improve their drawing, whether a novice or a professional artist, is simply amazing."

- Jeff C

Kirsty is extremely inspirational. I'm in complete awe!!

"I love how unintimidating her teaching approach is and how user friendly the course curriculum is."

- Kim L

Great instruction and assignments

"It was cool to get assignments out of my normal comfort zone, and then actually succeed at the projects and be proud of them."

- Robert G

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