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Tired of your paintings looking a total mess?

Get my FREE class and learn how to control your watercolours.


Find out the EXACT technique that will guarantee you never get unwanted hard edges again- even if you are a complete watercolour newbie.

Learn the essential techniques every beginner needs to know - miss this and you will find controlling your watercolours impossible.

Discover the art supply I use to make my paintings POP- perfect if you accidentally paint over your highlights.

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"Watercolour can have a mind of its own. You probably have a clear vision for how you want your painting to look. But, often it feels like your watercolours have a whole different plan. This can be frustrating!


In this real-time class, I take you through how I create a beautiful watercolour painting from scratch. I explain each technique I am using and why I chose to use it so that you know how to get your paintings to look exactly like you want ."

- Kirsty Partridge