Important question for artists feeling stuck and frustrated by their lack of progress:

What's The Main Difference Between An Artist Who Can Draw ANY Subject Realistically

And the beginner whose drawings look flat, cartoonish, and cluttered?

It's not about:

  • How many years you’ve been drawing
  • How much talent you have
  •  Or how many thousands of dollars you’ve spent at an expensive art school

But what actually matters, is learning how to…

Troubleshoot Your Drawings In Real Time, And Knowing How To "Fix" Them To Make Your Drawings Look More Realistic

After working with over 22,000 students in my online art courses, I can truly say THIS is the key difference between the beginner and the professional artist.

Every artist makes mistakes, the “pros” just know how to fix them before they ruin their drawing!

Sadly, what I see all too often is beginners who give up on their drawings once they make a mistake…

Or they get frustrated and confused when they look at their finished piece and think:

"I Know Something Is Wrong With My Drawing, But I Don’t Know How To Fix It!"

Trust me, we’ve all been there!

I get multiple emails DAILY from subscribers asking me to critique their art – Wondering why their drawings don’t look more realistic.

And what I’ve discovered after analyzing hundreds of drawings…

Is there are 4 fundamental “Levels of Drawing” that every artist must go through if they want to create more realistic art.

4 distinct Levels, each corresponding to a unique set of mistakes that hold the artist back from reaching the next level in their drawings.

Level Up Your Drawings By "Decoding" Each Of These 4 Levels

What surprised me the most was how consistent each Level was, and how every time it led to the same mistakes being made! Maybe it was the proportions, or the shading, or the details…

Again and again, I’d look at a drawing, determine it’s Level, and instantly know why it looked “off”.

The best part is, the mistakes made at each Level are easy to fix – And don’t require years of experience or special talent to learn!

Once you know what Level you’re at today, there’s a simple 4 step process that ANYONE call follow to quickly improve the quality of your drawings.

Let me show you a few examples…

Can You Spot The Difference
Between These Two Drawings?


Check Out Luciana's Level 1 And Final Drawings!
(Drawing Decoded Graduate)

Take a look at the “Before” and “After” drawings above from Luciana, a student in Drawing Decoded. Can you tell why the “Before” looks so flat and two-dimensional compared to her final drawing?

The biggest mistakes Level 1 artists make are a lack of proportions and not enough shading in their drawings. And as you can see from her final drawing, once Luciana learned how to use a full range of values with her shading, the portrait really comes to life and looks much more realistic.

What About These Two Drawings?

Check Out John's Level 1 And Final Drawings!
(Drawing Decoded Graduate)

Here’s another example from John, who attended the last round of Drawing Decoded. Can you see how much more depth and detail his final drawing has compared to the first one?

It truly is a massive transformation and shows a good use of putting all the skills learned in each level together…

Adding more texture and details, which is the main focus of Level 2, and creating more depth and realism through lighting which is what Level 3 is all about.

It Really Is That Simple.


No matter what Level you’re at today, when you go through this 4 “Level” process, you’ll be well on your way to creating more realistic drawings you can be proud of. Instead of learning random skills, or only following along to tutorials because you’re afraid to draw something on your own…

When you master all 4 of these levels, you’ll spot your mistakes faster, know why they look “off”, and have the tools and techniques to make your drawings look much more accurate and realistic.

On top of that, you’ll be able to apply these skills to ANY medium – Whether you’re using graphite, charcoal, coloured pencils, or even watercolour paintings!

Which is why I’m excited to introduce…

Specifically designed for the beginner artist who wants to create more realistic drawings.

Where unlike any course I’ve created before, we’ll start with drawings that already have mistakes, and I’ll show you how to troubleshoot each one…

Teaching you dozens of tips, tricks, and skills along the way that will massively improve the quality of your drawings. 

To get started now, click the button below, and let’s start leveling up your drawings together!
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Here's Some Of What  You'll Learn In This Program:


Setting Yourself Up For Success

We’ll start with an overview of the course members area, paying special attention to how the videos will be released each week and how to submit your questions.

Then we’ll jump right into the introductory lessons where you’ll learn:

  • Practice Problems: It doesn’t matter how often you draw if you’re making the same mistakes again and again! I’ll show you how to “practice” the right way before bad habits become permanent
  • Missed Mistakes: Instead of getting frustrated by your mistakes, I’ll show you how to embrace them and use them as a learning tool – Which will speed up your progress and make the drawing process more fun and enjoyable
  • Perfect Paper: Using the wrong paper is making your job harder for no reason! I’ll show you what paper is best for beginners, helping you create smoother and more realistic finished drawings without the headaches
  • Supply Guide: You’ll also get a running list of the supplies you’ll need as you go through each Level of the course. From basic pencils and paper to more advanced tools as you get further into the program

And then, after this quick introductory section we’ll jump right into…


The Basics Of Drawing

Don’t be fooled by the word “Basic”, the concepts you’ll learn in Level 1 are some of the most important lessons in the entire course!

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • Pencil Principles: From how to hold the pencil, to the pressure used for shading, to warm up exercises to get comfortable before drawing! I’ll show you everything you need to quickly get acquainted with your pencil
  • Simple Shape Sketching: Most beginners make the sketching process MUCH harder than it needs to be! I’ll show you a simple technique that will speed up the sketching process and make your sketches more accurate
  • The Basics of Shading: Shading is KEY if you want to transform your drawings from two dimensions to 3-D! I’ll teach you the 5 most important shading techniques and how to use them in your drawings
  • Values Explained: Choosing the right values based on your reference image is THE MOST important skill to create more realism in your drawings – I’ll show you how to spot the differences between highlights, mid-tones, shadows, and darks
  • Texture Take-Aways: Then after you’ve learned the basics of value and shading, it’s time to focus on the details! You’ll learn some simple techniques like mark making to help you create more realistic bark, fur, hair and wrinkles

By the end of Level 1, you’ll already be able to spot the most common mistakes beginners make…

And have dozens of new skills and techniques in your arsenal that will add more depth and dimension to your drawings.

But we won’t stop there! After completing the learning section of Level 1, it’s time to apply what you learn to…


Girl With A Teddy Bear

For our first Subject Masterclass, I’ll show you how to apply all the techniques and skills we’ve just learned as we draw a girl with a teddy bear.

You’ll see the shape sketching technique in action, learn more tips and tricks for choosing the right values and get an in-depth training on how to apply shading and mark making techniques to different textures and details with this challenging reference.

Then once we finish the first Subject Masterclass, it’s time to dive into…


Adding Depth To Your Drawings With Upgraded Tools & Techniques

As we move into Level 2, you’ll already have a good understanding of the fundamentals of drawing and be ready to focus on more intermediate skills.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • Negative Space: Paying attention to the negative space in your sketches is one of my favorite ways to refine the details and check angles in your drawings. I’ll teach you how to use this concept to start your drawings more accurately
  • All About Edges: Ever look at your drawings and wish they had more contrast and definition? Most likely it’s the way you’re drawing your “edges”. I’ll show you how to use all 3 types (Hard, soft, and lost) and when to use each
  • Adding Structure: Too often novice artists jump into shading their drawings without a gameplan and it leads to a lack of structure and form. I’ll show you how to add that structure from the start while also fixing messy shading mistakes
  • Crank Up The Depth: Adding the illusion of distance and space between objects is a great way to add more depth and realism to your drawings. I’ll help you navigate past common mistakes and show you the best ways to add depth
  • Blending Basics: To blend or not to blend? That’s a great question! You’ll learn when and how to use each blending technique based on the details in your reference
  • Texture Tools: It’s time to level up your textures with new tools that will add even more detail to your drawings! I’ll also show you new ways to use your eraser and other blending tools to create a super smooth finished drawing

By the end of Level 2, you’ll really start to understand the “why” behind most beginner’s drawing mistakes…

And be amazed at how easy it is to spot AND fix these common mistakes to create much more realistic drawings!

You’ll also be ready to apply what you just learned in…


Animal With A Background

It’s time for our second Subject Masterclass!  Where we’ll apply many of the new lessons we just learned including:

  • Using multiple sketching techniques and comparing them to see which are the most accurate
  • Identifying different values and edges in your reference and drawing them realistically
  • Adding depth to the drawing by choosing where to add more detail and where to keep your drawing “blurry” to give it a 3D effect
  • And shading with intention to add more structure and form to your drawing

The Level 2 Subject Masterclass is a great example of how all these skills start coming together to give you a rock-solid foundation for drawing ANY reference realistically. Now it’s time to add even more realism and dimension to your drawings by turning our attention to…


Mastering Lighting And Detail

In Level 3 we’ll focus on more advanced strategies like using different light sources and shadows to add more realism to your drawings…

And we’ll learn some of my favorite techniques for drawing different textures, even if it’s a brand new texture you’ve never drawn before!

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • Upgraded Tools: Not all art supplies are created equal! I’ll show you the strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities of each and when best to use them based on the texture and detail of your reference image
  • Consider Composition: Great compositions don’t happen by accident, they take careful consideration and planning. I’ll show you a simple method that will guarantee your drawings have great composition from the start
  • Portrait Sketching: One of the most obvious ways a drawing looks “off” is when the face of a portrait is out of proportion. You’ll learn my favorite techniques for capturing the likeness of the portrait so your faces are always drawn accurately
  • Next Level Lighting: Focusing on your light source and how it casts shadows on the subject is another pro trick that can add tons of depth and dimension to your drawings – I’ll show you how to apply this technique to all of your drawings
  • Rapid Texture Tactics: When your subject has a lot of textures, drawing all the details can easily get overwhelming and scary! I’ll show you how to simulate texture without drawing every single detail to speed up the drawing process
  • Smooth Transitions: Another big mistake artists make is creating harsh and abrupt endings to their textures. I’ll show you how to create more realistic transitions between objects and make your texture transitions silky smooth

By the end of Level 3, you’ll now have a versatile toolbox full of new techniques you can use for all types of drawings:  Landscapes, animals, and even portraits!

But of course, we won’t stop there!  Next it’s time to apply these new skills in…


Textured Landscape

For our third Subject Masterclass, we’ll draw a textured landscape which has great composition and lots of challenging details and textures.

You’ll see how all the sketching techniques you’ve learned can be used to accurately sketch a reference with lots of angles and a unique perspective. And you’ll see in real time how I identify subtle texture differences in the reference image and determine the best way to draw them.

We’ll also use the simulated texture technique we just learned to speed up the drawing process and get you excited to try even more challenging references on your own!

Which leads us to the 4th and final level…


Developing Your "Artist Intuition"

In Level 4, we’ll dive even deeper into many of the skills and techniques we’ve been learning throughout the course…

And give you a step by step method for troubleshooting your drawings, spotting mistakes faster, and knowing exactly what you need to do to fix them.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • Better References: Choosing the wrong reference is like shooting yourself in the foot before you get started! I’ll give you a checklist for choosing better references to make sure you’ll enjoy the drawing process and your final drawing looks great
  • Speedy Sketches: The grid technique is a great tool for speeding up your sketches, but it’s not ideal for every drawing! I’ll show you when it’s best to use and when to use free hand or tracing techniques for the best results
  • Value Imbalance Mistakes: This is one of the most common mistakes I see artists make as they develop their skills! I’ll explain what value imbalance is and how to make sure your mind doesn’t play tricks on you when choosing values
  • Troubleshooting Textures: With an infinite number of textures in a reference, how do we master them all? You can’t! But I’ll teach you a technique you can use for drawing ANY new texture confidently, even if you’ve never seen it before
  • Getting Real About Realism: The thing that makes drawing so rewarding is the fact it’s NOT easy! I’ll share some of my favorite mindsets for developing more patience in the drawing process so you can continue to enjoy learning for life!
  • The Final Fix: One of the most common questions I get is people asking when their drawing is “done.” I’ll give you a 10 point checklist you can use to answer that question for yourself and know when a drawing is truly finished

By the end of Level 4, you’ll now have a comprehensive skillset to tackle any new drawing and confidently know you’ll be able to create something that looks great.

And just like every other level, we’ll then apply all of these skills in…


Applying Your New Skills To A Complex Reference

For this final Subject Masterclass, we’ll bring it all together by incorporating many of the skills we’ve learned throughout the course into this challenging final drawing.

I’ll show you how to tackle unique textures, where you’ll see in real time how I deal with textures I’ve never drawn before. You’ll also see how I apply the advanced lighting and shadow techniques to create a super high level of depth and dimension in the final drawing…

And I’ll show you my “trial and error” method for troubleshooting challenging areas, as well as seeing the transformation, from start to finish, that leads to a beautiful final drawing.


Here's What Students Had To Say:

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Now that you’ve mastered the 4 Levels of Drawing, it’s time to add some colour to your life!

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Where you’ll learn how to apply everything you learned in Drawing Decoded to the following mediums:

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Gone are the days of looking at your drawings feeling frustrated and confused when they look nothing like the reference…

Gone are the days of wasting your time searching through videos on YouTube, learning random skills and not progressing as fast as you’d like…

And gone are the days of being afraid to try the most challenging references because you don’t think you have the skills to draw them realistically…

Now you have a roadmap, a gameplan, with me as your guide holding your hand every step of the way. It all starts by clicking the button below, and let’s get started creating more realistic art together!

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