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"Coloured pencils can be very intimidating. I felt so overwhelmed when I got my first set of pencils. I didn't know where to start, what colours to choose, or how to layer the pencils.


I learned coloured pencil the hard way. Through trial and error and by making lots and lots of mistakes. But you don't have to! In this class, I share my secrets with you so that you can start creating drawings that you are proud of TODAY."

- Kirsty Partridge

Create realistic coloured pencil art after just one class.

(Even if you're a complete beginner)


Learn my secret strategy for picking the perfect colours for any drawing.

Banish grainy coloured pencil art for good with my super easy technique for guaranteed smooth, vibrant blending every time.

Learn the step by step process for creating realistic art with coloured pencil - no expensive supplies required!